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Combined our engineers are licensed in 45 states plus the District of Columbia, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. The services of Robinson Associates Consulting Engineers include all aspects of structural design, forensic engineering and award-winning special projects that have earned us a reputation for meeting challenges with expertise, unwavering attention to detail and creativity.

James Robinson, Jr., P.E., S.E.
   40 years of structural engineering experience
   Recognized expert in forensic engineering, building codes and material specification
   Specializes in structural condition evaluations, failure investigations and remediation of structural deficiencies
   BCE, Civil Engineering (1972) - Georgia Institute of Technology - Highest Honors
   MS, Civil Engineering (1975) - Georgia Institute of Technology

David Hildebrand, P.E.
   39 years of structural engineering experience
   6 years of experience in construction as a project manager
   BS, Civil Engineering (1976) - Southern Technical Institute

Milan Jolley, P.E., S.E.
   11 years of structural engineering experience
   Specializes in structural analysis, evaluation and remediation of existing structures
   Experienced in the design of high-rise commercial and residential buildings in hurricane prone regions
   BS, Civil Engineering (2002) - South Dakota School of Mines and Technology - Honors
   MS, Civil Engineering (2004) - Iowa State University

Amy Brown, Office Manager

Our Awards
   ASCE Project of the Year
   ACEC/G Engineering Excellence Award
   ACI Award of Excellence
   ICRI Award of Merit
   Orange County Engineering Council Engineering Project Achievement Award

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